I love food… and crafts.

I love food like nobody’s business. And pinterest has some amazing and adventurous recipes. The best part is that there’s such a wealth of healthier (AND delicious!) options on pinterest and I just so happen to be trying to lose close to half of my body weight, so those recipes are not only helping me along my journey, but making that journey a fun and profoundly yummy one.

And crafts? Oh man, do I love crafts. I love having the ability to take something and turn it into something amazing, be it yarn or even everyday items like a penny or a wine cork, or even a burlap sack. (All projects currently in the queue. 🙂 )

And God bless my husband, B, because he puts up with my crazy adventures in food and crafts. Originally on active duty in the Army, my hubby currently serves as an NCO in the California Army National Guard, which, ironically, has deployed him more times than when he was on active duty. So much for taking a break from full time Army life! We’re currently on a passionately appreciated hiatus from deployments, living in San Diego and have two (to four) fur babies: Scamp the adorable not-so-brilliant who-knows-what-breed dog (and often his two Cocker Spaniel cousin-dogs, Poncho and Bear) and Jack the black codependent kitty man. (We also call him velcro kitty. He really likes his mama.)

And, so, this blog, as I’m sure you can already guess, will feature my food experiments and crafty projects with a little splash of Army life thrown in. I hope you enjoy your time here and come back often. I’m always up to something. 🙂


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