Shepherd’s Pie Soup

This recipe was supposed to be something completely different than what I set out to make, but it turned out absolutely delicious. My intention was to make this potato soup with garlic and onions and was essentially vetoed by my husband, who insisted it contain meat. Once it had hamburger in it, though, it seemed to be asking for corn… and then cream… and, heck, while we’re at it let’s just throw in a couple bullion cubes. And so it turned out completely different than what I meant for it to be, but it was voted a family favorite, so I felt obligated to try to duplicate it here. Forgive me, but most of this recipe is approximated, especially when it comes to how much water and cream I used. Next time I’ll try to keep track as I go.

I named it Shepherd’s Pie Soup because it has everything in it that I use in my Shepherd’s Pie: hamburger, onion, potatoes and corn.

I know it’s not an impressive picture, but I was so engrossed in eating it that I was lucky I remembered to take a picture at all.

Shepherd’s Pie Soup

Serves a hungry family of four.

12 russet potatoes
2 chicken bullion cubes
1/2 lb ground beef
2 c corn
heavy handed dash of heavy whipping cream
1 yellow onion

Brown the beef and dice the onion. Dice 4 of the potatoes and boil in a large soup pot. Once tender, drain and puree in a food processor. Dice remaining potatoes and place in roughly 6-8 cups of water with beef, corn, onion, whipping cream and 2 chicken buillon cubes. Let simmer until potatoes are tender. Serve hot.



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