Bread in a Crock Pot: Strike One.

It sounds a bit crazy, I know, but I happened across a very convincing article/post about it and I decided to give it a try. I used the dough from April’s Sweet Sandwich Bread recipe, which is normally great in the oven, for this little experiment.


Let’s just say I wouldn’t call it a success. The concept was really neat and I wanted it to work so badly, but, in the end, hope and crossed fingers didn’t work and it turned out just a bit too doughy in the middle. And, well, it left a bit to be desired aesthetically. (What is going on there on the top??) I have high hopes that this will eventually work, though, possibly with our other Crock Pot that might cook a bit hotter, or with some tweaks to the dough perhaps. I know this dough works great, though, so the problem isn’t there.

To be continued…


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