Two Ingredient Banana Chip “Ice Cream”

I have to start off by saying that not only may this just possibly be my favorite recipe yet, but that it also received rave reviews from my toughest food critics (the kids and the hubby and my super-skeptical stepfather). The best part is that it is really just a few bananas and some miniature chocolate chips. Can you get more simple than that?

I got the idea from Come Together Kids, but made it my own with the addition of the chocolate chips and, oh my, was it good. I’ve never seen my nieces and nephews finish anything I’ve made that fast and enthusiastically.

Banana Chip “Ice Cream”

1 bunch bananas
miniature chocolate chips as desired

Cut the bananas into medium-thickness slices. Lay on parchment paper or plastic wrap on top of a cookie sheet. (They’re easier to get off the cookie sheet this way.) Freeze. In a food processor blend the frozen banana slices. Be patient, it can be a tiny bit tricky, but in the end you should have a creamy frozen yogurt-like mixture. Add as many chocolate chips as you desire and pulse to mix in.

Note: If you’d like it more of an ice cream consistency instead, place the mixture in the freezer until it has hardened and then scoop like ice cream.

Okay, okay, you caught me. I reused the parchment paper from my Dippin Dots experiment.

The frozen bananas ready for blending.

Half way there!


Completely blended with chocolate chips added.

The finished product: A scoop of banana chip ice cream!



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