Easy Nachos

A number of years ago, my husband and I had a very dear friend who introduced us to the concept of these nachos, which she thought up in a pinch during a party. We’ve held onto the recipe over the years as a delicious and easy, though admittedly less-than-healthy, no-fuss meal option. We love to turn to these once in a while during lazy Saturday movie marathons or the rare weeknight when they just hit the spot. We hope you love them too!

Easy Nachos


1 bag of tortilla chips (Tostitos Scoops are great for these, but any tortilla chips will do.)
1 package shredded Mexican blend cheese
1 can of black beans, rinsed thoroughly
1 jar of a mild green salsa
Optional: 1 can sliced black olives (I actually used whole olives.)


Spread chips evenly across your plate. Add salsa, then beans (, olives) and cheese evenly across the chips. Microwave until cheese is melted, approximately 2 minutes.


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