An Open Letter To Knott’s Berry Farm From A National Guard Wife

At this very moment I am seated at a picnic table in your park, just outside of the entrance to the Xcelerator ride. My husband is riding the roller coaster and while I wait here for him, I am struck by how very grateful we are to be here. You see, my husband and I normally wouldn’t be able to afford to come to an amusement park like yours. We’re a reserve military couple and we pinch pennies to get by. The only reason we can be here today is because of the free admission that you’re offering to veterans right now.


And for that, I would like to give you a heartfelt thank you.

Thank you for appreciating not only the men that put their lives on the line for our freedom, but their families too. So many companies will offer free admission for a soldier, but they still aren’t able to afford to bring their families along. Thank you for allowing service members to bring a guest with them. It makes a much needed respite like this possible for couples like us… especially on the eve of a deployment apart.

Thank you, also, for not limiting the promotion to active duty service members. Many times military appreciation programs will limit the benefit to only active duty personnel, while many reservists, retired service members, and even those who served less than the requisite 20 years necessary for retirement, are excluded. These men and women have and do put their lives on the line for our country, just like our active duty troops. Thank you for being a company that does not belittle the valuable service and sacrifice of our past and part-time men and women in uniform.

Thank you for being the type of company that would make the extra sacrifice in profits to allow Guard members and their guests to participate in your military appreciation promotion. If you ask me, those kinds of policies are what show true patriotism and appreciation for our troops.

We appreciate you, for appreciating us.

Thank you, Knott’s Berry Farm.


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