NOT McDonalds’ Oatmeal: A Love Story

Sidenote: Stay tuned for the primer on Couponing. That should be coming in the next few days…



My husband, God bless him, was so excited to inform me a while back that McDonalds had started serving oatmeal for breakfast with all kinds of “healthy stuff” in it. (This coming from a man that deems any vegetables other than corn “purely for decorative purposes” … I sneak zucchini into his chocolate muffins in retort.)

I had to give them kudos for at least trying to put healthier options on their menu. However, we’ll just say I don’t have a ton of faith in the food chain after I read into the pink chicken goo that becomes a McNugget. So, yes, I was skeptical, but I looked into it. What I found were many sources with less than rave nutritional reviews.


The idea, though, was indeed a great one. So, I set out to make my own homemade version of McDonalds’ oatmeal… and it was simple, yet amazing.

It started with old fashioned on-the-stove oats (easier and faster to whip up than you might think) and I then added things like green apple slices, walnuts, dried cranberries, and blueberries. I topped it with just a dash of salt and brown sugar, stirred, and dug in. It was healthy, it was easy, and it was delicious. And the best part? I made it, so I get to know exactly what’s in it!

Take that, McDonalds!


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