Mission Not-So-Accomplished

It was a glorious idea, really. In actuality, though, it seems we were tempting fate a bit too much.

The first two weeks of our no-spending month went swimmingly. Well, as swimmingly as a spending fast can go… then the car battery needed replacing and the house of cards started to tumble down. We were hit with a number of unexpected expenses.

Then, the following week our family dog had a sudden onset of an immune condition called Immune Mediated Hemalytic Anemia where his body began attacking his red blood cells. Four blood transfusions later, we’re still on the edge of our seats to see if he’ll pull through. And who wants to cook dinner when you’re on an emotional roller coaster? Definitely not me. So we floundered on the no-spending plan. We ate out. We ate out a lot. Although I still contend that it was the small saving grace for our sanity. Tomorrow will be Day 21… three weeks of emotional limbo.

Oh, and did I mention we’re moving again? We’re not going far… just a jaunt down the freeway, but a big ordeal just the same.


So, don’t think I’ve gone AWOL. I promise I’ll be right back on the blog just as soon as the dust settles. In the meantime, feel free to let me know what you’d like to see more of on the blog when I get back. Recipes? Frugal posts? Crafts? Army life? What’s the most important to you?


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