Sunday Morning Pancakes

Last Saturday my husband returned home from TDY in Idaho. The following morning, I planned to celebrate with homemade pinterest-inspired pancakes… because firing up the stove in the middle of a record heat wave is always a good idea, right?

All sweating aside, these pancakes (made of only bananas and eggs) were surprisingly well received by my largely anti-anything-healthy husband. (Though I still suspect he would eat anything if you poured enough maple syrup on it.)

The pinterest description simply read “1 ripe banana + 2 eggs = pancakes!” So, I threw the requisite ingredients into the kitchen-aid mixer… watched them transform into a batter, and then proceeded to heat a skillet and drop a dollop right in…

pancake 1

Not pictured: ample frustration.

You should have seen what I went through to flip that sucker.

Clearly I needed more guidance on this recipe. I did the unimaginable. I clicked on the pin. (GASP!)

Aaaaand that gave me about a fraction more information than before… and come to find out it didn’t help me at all anyway. The only potentially useful bit of information I found on that website was to use cooking spray, to give it roughly 20-30 seconds, flip, and done!

Not so much.

Even after using cooking spray like she suggested, it still looked like some unthinkable tragedy had struck that poor pancake. I was close to giving up when it occurred to me that perhaps a bit heavier greasing agent might help. Enter Crisco. I try not to use Crisco, but I had a feeling it would do the job I needed done.


Looks suspiciously like it’s working, doesn’t it?

The good news? The Crisco combined with a higher heat  were just what the cook ordered. The not-so-good news? Though tasty, these babies were pretty soft and broke apart really easily. I think next time I might add in just a tablespoon of flour to see if that might give it a bit more of a firm texture.


Poorly photographed success!

I liked them. The hubby liked them. Neither of us loved them. (Though, admittedly, I was beginning to hold a grudge and the hubby was tipped off that they were healthy, so they may in fact be better than we remember them being.)

Nothing makes a weekend morning sweeter than a stack of fresh pancakes… and with only two ingredients, there’s no reason not to try these pancakes this weekend!


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