Déjà Vu

You might remember a post from last month wherein I SWORE I would write a post every day of November. It was a lofty goal that I absolutely tanked on. I blame it on equal parts the flu, a particularly notable case of writer’s block, and, let’s face it, rampant time mis-management. Thank you to the readers that have stuck with me with multiple stop-and-go spurts. I promise I won’t leave you hanging again!

Good Judgment Rita Mae Brown

Moving the blog forward, I’d like to put it out there into the universe that the mission of Our Camo Covered Life has officially evolved as our own Camo Covered Lives have changed.

As a military couple working our way back from financial catastrophe, we have become quite skilled at making the most of what we have so that we can live below our means and subsequently build a brighter financial tomorrow.

It is our sincere hope that others can benefit from our hard-learned lessons. Therefore, moving forward, Our Camo Covered Life will be geared toward frugal living, with cameo appearances of DIY and food in a frugal context.

If you happen to be further interested in money-wise writing, you may want to consider liking my Facebook page over at http://www.facebook.com/katyreiberwriter. Whenever I happen across a great frugal living/personal finance article, I tend to share it there.

I truly look forward to sharing this journey with you and I hope you’ll consider coming along for the ride. After all, carpooling is a great way to save money!



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