Repair, Don’t Replace, or, My Dog Has A Drinking Problem

Let me set the scene for you… it was a beautiful Saturday morning in San Diego. The window let in a delectable breeze. I sat on the bed with that heavenly first cup of coffee. It was blissfully quiet. I plopped down on the bed and leisurely drank my coffee and opened my laptop, ready to dive into my freelance work. And then…

the dog puked on me.

No kidding. Puked right on me. On my arm, on my leg, and on the bed.

Talk about ruining my writing groove.


The dog is fired.

Worry not, the dog is fine. (He drank too much water at one time.) The silver lining is that he missed my laptop by mere inches. (I’ve been known to spill the occasional coffee on my laptop, but dog vomit would be a new one, even for me.)

The bed was stripped and I was left with dog vomit on my mattress. I googled and found an article on using regular ole table salt, which actually worked! (I’ll admit I had my doubts.)

The whole vomitpalooza on my mattress thing got me thinking… I wasn’t going to replace the mattress because of one wayward canine hangover. That would be ridiculous. I would clean it. But, did I have that same line of thought on items that may be less expensive and easier to replace? I have an office chair that I would like to replace, but now I think I’ll take a few minutes with a screwdriver and make sure it isn’t just needing some screw-tightening TLC.

Boom! Saved some chair money right

The moral of this whole stinky story is to keep an eye toward repair instead of automatically replacing soiled or broken items. Bring your things back from the brink of the landfill and give them a second chance. You may be pleasantly surprised to see how much life is left in them, and your wallet too!


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