Perfectly Imperfect

I have a terrible tendency toward perfectionism. I tend to want to be the very best at everything I do, and when I don’t like the work I put together, I will procrastinate the heck out of submitting (or posting) it.

That’s why you haven’t seen anything on the blog lately. I’ve been caught up in thinking that nothing I had put together was worth posting. And, heck, that might very well be true, but if I dwell on every tiny imperfection, I’ll never post a thing.

That got me thinking… Have you ever felt that same way about getting control of something in your life? Whether it be your finances, or a messy garage, some progress, however flawed, is still progress. Some budget, even an imperfect one, still initiates good habits that will help you tackle the bigger challenges in the long run.

Stephen King wrote recently of his first days submitting his work and how he collected his rejection letters on a huge stake in the wall. He learned from them. He gleaned the constructive criticism from them. And now look at him. Thomas Edison is quoted as saying that he didn’t fail, he had simply found ten thousand ways that don’t work.

We can learn from our faulty budgets, but we can never grow if we don’t take a leap and make those mistakes first.

So go ahead and tackle that budget, or that garage, or whatever else you’re afraid of failing at.


The only true failure is failing to try.


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