I know you’re there and I need your help.

Over the years, the focus of this blog has evolved and grown right alongside our own camo-covered lives. We started here talking about cooking and crafts, and now here we find ourselves in the midst of personal finance with a hint of military lifestyle. It’s been quite the journey.

Lately, though, I’ve been spending my time on furthering my freelance writing career, all of my time. I could easily retreat into the darkness of all the other abandoned blogs out there in cyberspace. In fact, that decision would likely make the most sense business-wise.

There’s just one little problem.

Every time I log into my dashboard, I see that you’ve been here, diligently visiting despite my spotty attendance. It’s hard to walk away from a blog that gets so many readers even when I’m AWOL.

Go ahead and finish your coffee first. I'll wait.

Go ahead and finish your coffee first.
I’ll wait.

So, dear reader, let’s give this one last go. If you’re still interested in reading Our Camo Covered Life, then let me know by taking this quick survey. Or don’t and we’ll part ways. No hard feelings. Either way, you get to decide the future of this humble corner of cyberspace.

It’s all up to you.

See you next time?